Friday, July 19, 2013

Beautiful Hair

If such a thing as a hair fairy existed and said fairy visited me and asked how I would like my hair to look, I would answer with any of these six styles: 

I love the asymmetrical cut of the first look. I don't have the guts to cut my hair like that, though. I got one bad short haircut and I have been scarred for life.  :( 

The ponytail look is closest to my own hair but I can never get my updos to look like that. They usually look messy but not that good kind of messy, you know? 

The curls in the middle picture are just to die for. I can't curl my hair to save my life so I wish I could have curls like that. 

I think it's possible I could pull off red hair... I have pale skin and light features, which seem to work with red hair.  

I have envied the ombre look of the bottom picture for months now. The coloring is just perfect and I would love a cute cut like that, too. (Not to mention the curls!)

The last look is probably the one I could maybe pull off in real life. And it seems to be a pretty easy style to maintain. I love messy but perfect looking hair styles. Styles that look like you just rolled out of bed but you actually didn't. 

What's your favorite hair style?

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